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The Network 4 Travel collection is designed to assist the members of Grand Getaways in choosing where in the world to plan their next vacation. Each destination overview provides some must-see highlights in a brief, entertaining manner; a bird’s eye view of possibilities for new adventures and Dream Vacations.  Network 4 Travel is also available and free to the general public.

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London, England – It’s Your Cup of Tea!

From Big Ben to Buckingham Palace and Sherlock Holmes to Shakespeare, London is drenched in majesty, history and lore. Explore its endearing customs and age-old traditions. Witness the pomp and circumstance of the Changing of the Guard; sip traditional afternoon tea; ride a double-decker bus, take in the theatre and a pint at the pub. You’ll not want for diversity in this colorful metropolis.

World-Class Culture

London is one of the greatest cultural destinations in the world. With 70 large museums, more than 30 major art galleries and almost 150 theatres, not to mention hundreds of years of fascinating stories behind its monuments, palaces and historic houses, this capital city is the perfect location for a culturally enlightening vacation. The crowning glory of Trafalgar Square, London’s National Gallery is a vast space, filled to the rafters with Western European paintings from the 13th to the 19th centuries. In this iconic art gallery you can find works by masters such as Van Gogh, da Vinci and Renoir, as well as the renowned English artists, Gainsborough and Turner. The National Theatre, in addition to stellar performances on stage, hosts music concerts, lectures, backstage tours and exhibitions. Fans of the Bard should check out the Royal Shakespeare Company, which frequently stages seasons in London, or head to Shakespeare’s Globe, a magnificent open-air playhouse. The Royal Opera House is home to the Royal Ballet, Royal Opera and Royal Opera House Orchestra.

To the Palace, Please

Buckingham Palace is a symbol and home of the British monarchy, an exquisite art gallery and an awe-inspiring tourist attraction. Behind the gilded railings and gates is not only the weekday home of the Queen of England and Prince Philip, but also the London residence of the Duke of York and the Earl and Countess of Wessex. The State Rooms of the Palace are lavishly furnished with some of the greatest treasures from the Royal Collection – paintings by Rembrandt, Rubens, and Vermeer; sculpture by Canova and Chantrey, splendid examples of Sevres porcelain and some of the finest English and French furniture in the world. Though the Palace is only open to visitors from late July to September, you can see the ceremonious Changing of the Guard on alternate days year-round.

Dear Abbey

An architectural masterpiece, Westminster Abbey is the tallest Gothic building in the British Isles. The structure was deliberately designed in the shape of a cross, its pointed style strongly influenced by contemporary French cathedral architecture. More than 3,000 people are buried or memorialized inside these walls, among them, some of the world’s greatest kings, queens, scientists, musicians and poets. The Abbey has held every English coronation for the last 900 years. Today it is a living church dedicated to daily worship as well as a living pageant of British history for visitors to explore. If you “time” it right, you’ll likely hear the resounding gongs of Big Ben echoing throughout the city streets; the name “Big Ben” refers not to the famous clock tower, but to the 13-ton bell hung within.

Hop-on, Hop-off

Bright red double-decker buses seem to be everywhere in London, offering a variety of mix and match tours. These guided excursions are an ideal way to get an informative, entertaining and comfortable overview of the city. Depending on your choice of routes, you can visit St. Paul’s Cathedral, see the Crown Jewels at the Tower of London and even take a narrated cruise on the scenic River Thames. By the time you’re done, you will probably know more about London’s  history than some of the locals!

Hit the Streets

London may be one of the world’s most easily navigable cities, either by foot or via the Tube. Be sure to explore Covent Garden, a delightful jumble of eclectic shops, eateries, cultural venues and entertainment, from street performers to live performances at its plethora of theaters. Piccadilly Circus is the London equivalent of Times Square; a busy, colorful junction and popular gathering spot. From here it’s a short walk to Soho, Trafalgar Square and the fashionable shops of Carnaby Street. Discover more fine finds at the upscale shops along Oxford, Regent and Bond Streets, replete with designer couture. Don’t miss Harrods, the world’s most famous luxury department store and a destination in itself!

While you’re out and about, climb aboard the London Eye for a breathtaking experience. The world’s highest observation wheel, it presents panoramic views of the city and more than 55 of London’s most famous landmarks. It’s a thrilling way to start or end your Dream Vacation in this marvelous city.


Author: Lisa Codianne Fowler, Grand Getaways
Lisa Codianne Fowler is an award-winning travel journalist, travel video host and travel radio co-host. She’s covered cities from St. Petersburg, Russia to St. Petersburg, Florida; ridden bum boats in Singapore and swum with sharks in Tahiti. An active Grand Getaways member, she has contributed feature articles from destinations across the globe.
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China – Land of Exotic Beauty

The great land of China has an unrivalled allure. Forever linked to its ancient civilization by venerable treasures such as the Great Wall and Yangtze River, it also boasts the modern, towering skylines and bright city lights of Beijing and Shanghai. Add an eclectic mix of shopping opportunities; from Old World markets to designer couture; exquisite regional cuisines and a warm, welcoming people and it’s no wonder that China draws millions of visitors from around the world.

Sizzling Shanghai

What do the world’s tallest hotel, Asia’s largest shopping mall and China’s largest stock exchange have in common? You guessed it, the bustling mega-city of Shanghai. The commercial and financial center of China, this riverfront metropolis has an energy that’s electric. Its towering World Financial Center is practically a city within the city, with 101 stories that include shops, exhibition space, media centers, financial institutions and hotels from around the world. Check out the shops on Nanjing Lu, Shanghai’s own Rodeo Drive, a happening place both day and night. The Bund, the symbolic center of the city is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Shanghai. Don’t miss the Shanghai Museum in People’s Square, a showcase of outstanding works in jade and bronze, calligraphy and paintings. From Shanghai it’s an easy trek to the heavenly Chinese gardens of Hangzhou and Suzhou.

The Grand Mountains of Guilin

“I often sent pictures of the hills of Guilin which I painted to friends back home, but few believed what they saw.” ~ Fan Chengda, Chinese Scholar

Perched along the Lijiang River in Southern China, Guilin is famous for its majestic monolithic Karst mountains, a truly unbelievable sight. A leisurely four-hour river cruise, ending in the picturesque village of Hangshu, yields spectacular views of the amazing monoliths. Hangshu is a destination in itself, with quaint shops, cafes and a gorgeous countryside. Rent a bicycle there to discover its local secrets. Guilin also is home to a mineral and rock museum; an elephant park; bonsai garden, zoo and a tiger and bear park. The magnificent Reed Flute Caves are aglow in a rainbow of colored lights.

Xian: Land of Terra Cotta Warriors

Xian, meaning, “western peace”, offers a curious mix of delights. The main tourist draws of Xian are the Terra-Cotta Warriors of the Qin Bingmayong Bowuguan and the Neolithic Village, not far from the city. Other must-sees include the Great Goose Pagoda, built mid-600 AD; The Shanxi History Museum; The Ba Xian An (Temple of the Eight Immortals) and The Da Qingzhensi or Great Mosque. Stroll or bicycle along the City Wall, stretching 8 ¼ miles around the inner city. Be sure to take in a performance at The Tang Dynasty Dinner Theatre, featuring centuries-old dance complete with traditional costumes and instruments.

Beautiful Beijing

Who hasn’t dreamed of seeing the Great Wall of China? One of the greatest masterpieces of mankind, it’s just about an hour from Beijing. There are plenty of treasures within the city proper as well, including venues with exotic names like the Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven, The Ming Tombs and Tiananmen Square, where the Great Hall of the People and Chairman Mao’s Mausoleum are located. Beijing is a city of contrasts, peppered with historic structures in the shadow of modern high rises. The capital of China, it is also home to the largest airport terminal in the world.

Kunming, City of Eternal Spring

Named for its near-tropical latitude and temperate climate spring through fall, Kunming holds a warm spot in many visitors’ hearts. Among the most popular – and most dramatic – of its attractions is the bewitching Stone Forest (Shilin), known since the Ming Dynasty as The First Wonder of the World. The Stone Forest is a miracle of nature and a magical place, with natural limestone masterpieces in intricate formations. Kunming is also known for its many temples, among them, the 400-year-old Taoist Golden Temple.

Yearning for Yangtze

A river runs through it… the heartland of China. The Yangtze River is seemingly endless. No wonder. It is the world’s third longest river. There are no less than seven World Heritage Sites along its beautiful winding banks. Here you’ll find the Three Gorges Dam project, The Ghost Temple and, where the Shenlong River enters the Yangtze, you can catch a ferry up the river, then transfer to primitive canoes where the water narrows… a natural way to explore the mysteries of the area.

China offers this and much more. Its 5,000-year-old colorful cultures, inviting charm and bright blend of old and new make it one of the most intriguing destinations in the world.  And, who knows? It could be your next Dream Vacation.


Author: Lisa Codianne Fowler, Grand Getaways
Lisa Codianne Fowler is an award-winning travel journalist, travel video host and travel radio co-host. She’s covered cities from St. Petersburg, Russia to St. Petersburg, Florida; ridden bum boats in Singapore and swum with sharks in Tahiti. An active Grand Getaways member, she has contributed feature articles from destinations across the globe.
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Cabo San Lucas, Mexico The Jewel of the Baja Peninsula

Hideaway for the rich and famous, favorite of honeymooners, family-friendly for kids and Party Central for singles, Cabo San Lucas is a red-hot vacation spot. Perched at the southern tip of the beautiful Baja Peninsula, this vibrant resort town draws international visitors year-round. Plan on sun-splashed days and sizzling nightlife, and be sure to pack a party attitude! If quiet relaxation is more your speed, you’ll relish the sparkling shoreline, architectural treasures and wondrous wildlife. Cabo is also famous for championship golf and of course, its bounty of mighty Marlin and other spirited game fish. You’ll discover that options for where to stay are as plentiful and varied as the things to see and do. Choose from lavish palaces and all-inclusive resorts to intimate beachfront villas. Cabo San Lucas is Mexico’s most elite resort destination.

Go Fish

Cabo’s Sea of Cortez is blessed with such a spectacular bounty of fish that Jacques Cousteau referred to it as “the world’s aquarium.” Known globally as the Marlin Capital of the World, Cabo hosts a series of legendary Marlin tournaments each October, when blue, black and striped Marlin abound. You can also cast your line for sailfish, dorado, tuna, wahoo, roosterfish and endless varieties of bottom and surf fish. Angling has never been so easy. Cabo is considered to be, by far, the world’s best all around location for sport fishing.

Wild Pursuits

A curious phenomenon occurs here annually from late January through March. Pacific gray whales migrate thousands of miles en masse from the chilly waters of the Artic to the warmth of the Baja Peninsula for their breeding and calving season. Nicknamed les amistosas (the friendly ones), they regularly approach fishing boats because they love to be petted by people! Hundreds of other whale species along with dolphins make regular appearances, and snorkeling excursions bring you nose-to-whiskers with sea lions and their adorable pups. Scuba diving, swimming with dolphin, kayaking, hiking and horseback riding are other popular ways to get up close and personal with Cabo’s amazing critters.

Tee Time

Gracious greens, softly undulating fairways, turquoise waters… it’s no secret that this area boasts some of the lushest links in Latin America. As one of Mexico’s premier golf destinations, it offers a plethora of magnificent greens that challenge golfers from novice to pro. All of them, including the six championship courses, are carved from stark mountains and desert, and many present stunning views of the Sea of Cortez. In recent years, Golf has surpassed sport fishing as a major tourist draw, and more signature golf courses are underway.

Shop ‘til You Drop

Cabo has an abundance of shops proffering Mexican silver, blown glass, pottery, colorful handmade clothing, leather sandals, masks… almost everything made in Mexico is available. Also, the city’s reputation as an art center sets it apart from most other Mexican beach resort cities and presents a unique shopping opportunity. You can peruse and purchase original pieces by some of Mexico’s most well-known contemporary painters and sculptors, as well as those by internationally renowned artists. While you’re out and about, be sure to stroll the historic block of Calle Cabo San Lucas, home to Iglesias de San Lucas (Church of San Lucas) and other 18th century architectural gems.

After Dark

You don’t actually have to wait for sunset to down some tequila! You can usually find an hora feliz (happy hour) somewhere in town between noon and 7 p.m. But once darkness does descend, Cabo really heats up. It’s easy to bar-hop, and with famous nightclubs like El Squid Roe, Cabo Wabo and The Giggling Marlin, you might find yourself dancing ‘til dawn. If a quiet romantic dinner is more what you’d like on tap, Cabo offers a seemingly endless array of menus and venues. From small taco stands and tables in the sand to fresh seafood Cliffside, Cabo is a food lover’s delight.

Cabo San Lucas offers something for everyone. There’s a reason. Come, discover your own.

Author: Lisa Codianne Fowler, Grand Getaways
Lisa Codianne Fowler is an award-winning travel journalist, travel video host and travel radio co-host. She’s covered cities from St. Petersburg, Russia to St. Petersburg, Florida; ridden bum boats in Singapore and swum with sharks in Tahiti. An active Grand Getaways member, she has contributed feature articles from destinations across the globe.
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Cruise Alaska – The Land of the Midnight Sun

Caribou, Moose and Bears, oh my! Alaska is a naturalist’s wonderland. It’s a place where glaciers thunder, whales breach and eagles soar. There’s no better way to discover the breathtaking beauty of Alaska than on a cruise vacation. You’ll have captivating onboard activities and endless onshore options to challenge, entertain and delight. Explore charming ports of call and savor fresh, regional cuisine. Hike through glacial waterfalls and rain forests; glide above ice fields in a helicopter, race across icecaps behind a team of huskies. To fully experience the heartland of the Last Frontier, avail yourself of the cruise tours, designed to introduce you, in depth, to Alaska’s awe-inspiring wonders.

Colorful Ketchikan

The old salt saying goes, “the bluer the water, the bigger the fish.” It’s not just a catchy line, and nowhere is it more evident than in Ketchikan. Known as The Salmon Capital of the World, this area’s fish-fertile waters also yield wild trout, halibut, cod, red snapper and more. Besides fishing, Ketchikan is also renowned for the granite cliffs, cascading waterfalls and low-hanging mists of majestic Misty Fjords. This National Monument features some of Alaska’s most spectacular scenery, ranging from tidewater estuaries to evergreen forests. Ketchikan also holds the colorful distinction of having the world’s largest collection of standing totem poles.

The Quaint Capital of Juneau

Mendenhall Glacier is Juneau’s most popular attraction; about a half-mile wide, with ice 300 to 1,800 feet deep. But Mendenhall is literally the tip of the iceberg. It’s part of the much larger Juneau Icefield, an area of myriad glaciers. Unlike other glaciers, Mendenhall can be viewed not only from your ship, but also from land. Step ashore for a most amazing experience. Whale watching, fishing, hiking, rafting, kayaking and even ziplining are other thrilling activities not to be missed. As the state capital, Juneau is naturally replete with shopping and dining opportunities. Pop into a downtown restaurant to devour the day’s fresh catch, or head out to a remote lodge for a scrumptious salmon bake.

Sitka by the Sea

With vistas of island-studded waters and stately spruce forests stretching to the water’s edge, Sitka is considered Alaska’s most scenic seaside town… a veritable treasure steeped in culture, history and natural riches. This “Treasure Island” is bordered by snowcapped mountains on the east and the Pacific Ocean on the west.  Ancestral home of the Kiksadi Tlingit Indians, captured by capitalistic Russians, sold to the Americans; Sitka carries the legacy of each. Learn about its diverse heritage at local museums housing rare historical archives and artifacts. Nestled amid Sitka’s unparalleled natural splendor, the island boasts 24 attractions listed on the National Register of Historic Places, seven of which are National Historic Landmarks.

Skagway: “Sifting” through the sights

Skagway is best known as “The Gate to the Klondike Gold Rush of 1898,” and the spirit of those rollicking gold rush days still permeates the town. Be sure to visit The Trail of ’98 Museum and The Gold Rush Cemetery – and catch the lively matinee or evening performance of The Days of ’98 Show with Soapy Smith”, now in its 83rd year. Surrounded by dramatic 5,000-foot mountains, Skagway is also the quintessential spot from which to engage with nature. Hiking, biking, sledding, flightseeing, boating and fishing are popular pastimes, as is a train ride on the White Pass and Yukon Railroad, which provides a stunningly scenic tour of the area’s many highlights.

Park it at Denali

In this land of pristine natural beauty, it’s no wonder there are numerous parks and preserves. Perhaps the most famous is Denali National Park, a haven for wildlife and home to Mount McKinley, the most magnificent mountain in North America. At once tranquil and exciting, the park simply inspires. It is most visited in summer months, when day hiking, cycling, fishing, mountain climbing and camping are most exquisite. Further south, the Kenai Peninsula is another masterpiece of nature and offers many of the same thrilling outdoor activities and gorgeous scenery.

Explore Alaska’s Inside Passage

Most of the destinations highlighted here are found along the Inside Passage, a peaceful coastal waterway favored by cruise ships and other ocean-going vessels. It yields astonishing views of endless water, snowcapped mountains, icy peaks and exotic wildlife. Look for brown and black bears and orca whales; listen for the cry of eagles and the howling of wolves. Inhale the fresh, cool air.

If you like the majestic and rugged, you’ll love Alaska. Take it in from the comfort of a cruise ship for the best of both worlds. It’s a Dream Vacation, to be sure. Isn’t it time to make yours come true?

Author: Lisa Codianne Fowler, Grand Getaways

Lisa Codianne Fowler is an award-winning travel journalist, travel video host and travel radio co-host. She’s covered cities from St. Petersburg, Russia to St. Petersburg, Florida; ridden bum boats in Singapore and swum with sharks in Tahiti. An active Grand Getaways member, she has contributed feature articles from destinations across the globe.

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Beautiful Italy (Bella Italia)

The Coliseum

Of all the countries in the world, there is perhaps none more magical than Italy. This dream destination is blanketed in a rainbow of colors; from lush vineyards and snowcappedmountains to golden sands and deep blue seas. Replete with celebrated monuments, medieval churches and Renaissance palaces, Italian cities are veritable living museums. If time permits, visit Rome, Venice and Florence… but don’t miss out on the seaside pleasures that coastal Italy provides.

Rome, “The Eternal City”

The capital of Italy, Rome is at once a mecca of ancient history and a lively, modern metropolis. The city’s magnificent sites are seemingly infinite and include the Coliseum, St. Peter’s Basilica and the legendary Trevi Fountain. Explore the centro storico or historic center, a patchwork of medieval streets not far from the elegant avenues of haute couture. After a day of touring, do as the Romans do. Sip some vino or espresso by moonlight at a sidewalk café and watch the world go by.

Gondolas Venice Italy

Romantic Venice

Venice is one of Italy’s most beautiful and romantic cities. Built upon 117 bodies of land, its more than 400 bridges and 150 canals are its “streets”. The Grand Canal is the main thoroughfare and cuts through the center of the city. Hugged by gorgeous buildings and peppered with colorful boats, it’s a popular waterway for gondola tours. Piazza San Marco (St. Mark’s Square) is the main square of Venice, lined with chic cafés and trendy boutiques. Basilica di San Marco (St. Mark’s Cathedral) is a stunning example of Byzantine architecture and sits on the east end of the square.

Florence is also know for it's beautiful bridges

The Fascination of Florence

Florence is a grand showcase of Renaissance architecture and art. Marvel at the majesty of the Romanesque Baptistery, Gothic Duomo and Renaissance basilicas. Witness, first-hand, the works of Michelangelo, Botticelli and Da Vinci at formidable galleries such as the Uffizi, Pitti and Accademia. Performing arts are as plentiful. Concerts, theater, opera and ballet flourish. The capital of Tuscany, this stylish city is also a fashionista’s paradise and home to the likes of Gucci and Ferragamo. When the shops close, it’s time to mangia! Savor a simple Tuscan meal of polenta with sausage at a trattoria or go gourmet at an upscale eatery. Don’t forget the Chianti; you’re in the land where the grape is grown!

The Sparkling Amalfi Coast

A mountainous stretch of coastline wedged between the blue of the sky and sea; a string of charming towns, ancient fishing villages and secluded bays, this is the Amalfi Coast. Just south of Naples, the main town is, of course, Amalfi, an ideal base for exploring the area’s scenic beauty. From here you can tour Ravello, famous for its classical music concerts as well as its colorful gardens perched high in the mountains above the sea; and Positano, a swanky resort town with exclusive restaurants and designer boutiques. To see and be seen among the world’s elite, head for the glitzy Isle of Capri, a short ferry or hydrofoil ride from the mainland.

Italian Riviera, A Timeless Classic

The rustic and elegant, the provincial and chic, the small-town and cosmopolitan… all collide here in a sun-drenched blend that defines the Italian Riviera. There’s the glamour of the chichi resorts at San Remo and Portofino, the tranquil beauty and outdoor adventures of the Cinque Terre and the history and architectural charm of Genoa, Italy’s principal seaport and perhaps the Mediterranean’s most beautiful. Mellowed by the balmy breezes blowing off the sea, you can bask in the sun, explore the picturesque fishing villages and pamper yourself at one of the many luxury resorts that dot this ruggedly wondrous landscape.

In Italy, ciao (pronounced “chow”), is used to mean not only “goodbye,” but more often, “hello.”  Once you discover la bella Italia, your first trip will not be your last. This Dream Vacation will make you want to return again and again. Hopefully, you’ll find yourself saying ciao! many times over.

Author: Lisa Codianne Fowler, Grand Getaways
Lisa Codianne Fowler is an award-winning travel journalist, travel video host and travel radio co-host. She’s covered cities from St. Petersburg, Russia to St. Petersburg, Florida; ridden bum boats in Singapore and swum with sharks in Tahiti. An active Grand Getaways member, she has contributed feature articles from destinations across the globe.

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Paris, France La Ville-Lumière (The City of Light)

A land of poets, painters and pure romance, Paris is one of the world’s most beloved cities. Stroll the shady tree-lined streets of the Champs-Elysées. Sip café au lait at a sidewalk bistro as a mime captivates passers by. Smile back at the Mona Lisa at the Louvre. The scintillating highlights of Paris are known and revered across the globe. From museums to monuments, gardens to esplanades, art to architecture, high fashion and finance to haute cuisine, it’s no wonder that this capital of France is regarded as one of the most romantic, stylish and exciting cities in the world.

Accommodations in Paris are as plentiful as cheese in France! Luxury hotels range from grand palaces, like the Hotel Plaza Athénée off the Champs-Elysées to the historic Royal Monceau near the Arc de Triomphe. Economy hotels, bed and breakfasts, backpacker accommodations, business and vacation apartment rentals guarantee there is something available for every budget. Wherever you choose to lay your beret and especially if you are a first-time visitor, don’t miss the city’s most famous highlights.

The Eiffel Tower

Built in 1889 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the French Revolution, the Eiffel Tower stands 900 feet tall and houses three observation decks, all offering spectacular views of the city. In the evening, the immense steel structure sparkles like a Christmas tree with a dazzling hourly light show. The brilliant display reflects on the velvet black waters of the River Seine, and is most magnificent when seen from a romantic dinner cruise. The river divides Paris in half, with the Rive Gauche (Left Bank) sitting to the south, and the Rive Droit (Right Bank) to the north. The Eiffel Tower is among many of the city’s illustrious sights perched on the banks of the Seine.

The Louvre

Though there are more than 80 museums within the Paris city limits alone, The Louvre is the jewel in the crown of French culture. Located on the Right Bank in the heart of the city, it is not only a central landmark but also one of the most visited art museums in the world. Among its 35,000 classic and modern masterpieces are the graceful statue of Venus de Milo and da Vinci’s mysterious Mona Lisa.


Perhaps the most famous cathedral in the world, Notre-Dame is on the Ile de la Cite where the River Seine forks, and is one of the iconic examples of architecture in France. One of the first Gothic cathedrals ever built, it took almost 200 years to construct. The cathedral is dedicated to the Virgin Mary, hence the name, Notre Dame (Our Lady).

Avenue des Champs-Elysées

The Champs-Elysées is an enormous boulevard known as la plus belle avenue du monde (the most beautiful avenue in the world). Lined with trees and towering streetlamps, cinemas, cafés and luxury specialty shops, it has also experienced an influx of global chains such as Gap, Sephora and The Disney Store. Stretching for 1.25 miles, the prestigious avenue ends at the imposing Arc de Triomphe, built by Napoléan to honor his victories. Visitors can enjoy panoramic vistas of Paris from the monument’s rooftop, and at its base is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Montmartre and Montparnasse

Picture this: Matisse, Van Gogh, Toulouse-Lautrec. Renoir, Monet and young Picasso. Impoverished artists painting their hearts out. Today, Montmartre, on the Right Bank, and Montparnasse on the Left, remain centers of intellectual and artistic enlightenment. The district of Montmartre is on a hill of the same name, and accented by the Sacré-Cœur Basiclica, a gorgeous church and the subject of many a Parisian cityscape. Meander through the streets to see young, local artists at work. They set up their easels daily and create magic for visitors to enjoy… and possibly purchase. Montparnasse, while still a center for the arts, has also become a high-octane hot spot for nightlife.

Fashion, Food and Nocturnal Fun

In Paris, shopping is an art to be savored and enjoyed as much as a meal in one of the city’s stellar restaurants or a visit to one of its world-class museums. Fearlessly fashionable? Peruse Yves St. Laurent, Louis Vitton, Coco Chanel and Christian Dior.

Dining in Paris. Need we say more? The French invented haute cuisine. From casual sidewalk cafes to the most elite eateries, every morsel melts like butter – a key French ingredient – in your mouth.

Paris is replete with and renowned for its nightclubs and sizzling cabarets. The Moulin Rouge is a traditional favorite; see Cancan dancers in colorful costumes on its historic stage.

Like fine wine and cheese, Paris only improves with age. And, ooh la la! The time is ripe. Plan your Dream Vacation in Paris today!

Author: Lisa Codianne Fowler, Grand Getaways
Lisa Codianne Fowler is an award-winning travel journalist, travel video host and travel radio co-host. She’s covered cities from St. Petersburg, Russia to St. Petersburg, Florida; ridden bum boats in Singapore and swum with sharks in Tahiti. An active Grand Getaways member, she has contributed feature articles from destinations across the globe.


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