Our Writers

Network 4 Travel is working with some of the best authors in the travel industry to provide the best possible information to our readers.  Our current list of authors is as follows:

Lisa Codianne Fowler, Travel With Lisa Online

Lisa Codianne Fowler is an award-winning travel journalist, travel video host and travel radio co-host. She’s covered cities from St. Petersburg, Russia to St. Petersburg, Florida; ridden bum boats in Singapore and swum with sharks in Tahiti. An active Grand Getaways member, she has contributed feature articles from destinations across the globe.

Thomas Wm. Myers, Clear Thinking Institute

Thomas Myers has been an international business traveler and has represented companies on a long term basis from Ireland to Istanbul.  In doing so, Tom has encountered the culture not only of the land but of the business community.  An active Grand Getaways member, his contributions come from a perspective of a business traveler.

Judy Weppler, World Travel Consultant

Judy Weppler, aka “The Intrepid Traveler”, has lived in eight countries and visited more than 140, including many of the 900 World Heritage Sites. She is also a lauded scholar, having earned multiple degrees at London, Toronto and Athens universities. This adventurer has experienced more of the world than most of us can even dream of; much of it from piloting her own plane. We are honored to have Judy as our resident resource, fact-checker and go-to expert when it comes to ensuring that our information is timely and accurate.

Larry Biondi, Business Travel Editor

Larry Biondi, of “Priceless Memories” MasterCard fame, is a seasoned traveler and travel industry Guru. His vast business experience in promotions, travel and marketing solutions has garnered him multiple awards. Larry’s expertise is evident in his fine-tuning of all aspects of Grand Getaways communications, whether direct-to-consumer or business-to-business.



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